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Mr. Wiedner founded AAA Construction Consultants after his parents were scammed by a contractor promising to build an addition for this dying father, when the contractor took the money and disappeared. This is when Mr. Wiedner decided that someone should protect the public from storm chasers and shady contractors scamming the public.


The greatest threat to the business sector is the betrayal of public trust, the disappointment of public confidence. Virtually all knowledgeable observers of the business scene believe that an overwhelming portion of companies are honorably run. However, this does not provide much protection to the business sector when so many publicized disgraceful misdeeds occurs. This is why AAA Construction Consultants does extensive research on companies before referring them to the public. Together, we can abolish unethical contractors and companies, while spotlighting ethical ones.

AAA Construction Consultants has a distinctive way of doing business, and it is reflected in the success and satisfaction of our clients. What sets AAA Construction Consultants apart from the competition?


We are dedicated to doing the right thing for our clients. Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of our corporate culture. Every employee cares deeply about our clients and is committed to doing the right thing for them. We are highly responsive, driven to deliver results, and always accountable for the work we do.

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